American Idol Super Voting…Angela Miller Leads Online Followers

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Not only is Angie the best singer this year, she is also the most popular so far! Which actually might help with voting since American Idol is implementing a “Super Vote” as of today which makes mass-voting official. Starting Tuesday (8 p.m. ET/CT, FOX), viewers be able to cast 50 votes at once online, in addition to all the regular voting methods. This allows voters to cast all 50 votes for their favorite contestant or distribute their 50 votes to a number of contestants, however they want to allocate them…all at one time. You can see the entire article at USA Today. To super vote online simply go to:

The official Top 20 semifinalists Twitter accounts went live a few days ago, and the numbers already tell a tale of haves and have nots.

As of Monday morning, these are their stats:

Angie Miller (8,135 Twitter followers, 47 following, 84 tweets/5,952 Facebook likes)
Lazaro Arbos (6,399 followers, 68 following, 24 tweets/3,017 Facebook likes)
Burnell Taylor (2,517 followers, 79 following, 202 tweets/63 Facebook likes)
Kree Harrison (2,308 followers, 51 following, 60 tweets/1,809 Facebook likes)
Janelle Arthur (2,285 followers, 171 following, 133 tweets/2,539 Facebook likes)
Paul Jolley (2,075 followers, 177 following, 29 tweets/1,353 Facebook likes)
Aubrey Cleland (1,930 followers, 236 following, 140 tweets/1,808 Facebook likes
Candice Glover (1,903 followers, 65 following, 121 tweets/656 Facebook likes)
Adriana Latonio (1,604 followers, 146 following, 297 tweets/277 Facebook likes)
Cortez Shaw (1,452 followers, 70 following, 48 tweets/347 Facebook likes)
Nick Boddington (1,263 followers, 231 following, 53 tweets/764 Facebook likes)
Devin Velez (1,110 followers, 23 following, 36 tweets/89 Facebook likes)
Charlie Askew (1,047 followers, 5 following, 3 tweets/118 Facebook likes)
Zoanette Johnson (992 followers, 0 following, 0 tweets/110 Facebook likes)
Breanna Steer (981 followers, 114 following, 82 tweets/182 Facebook likes)
Amber Holcomb (850 followers, 42 following, 62 tweets/76 Facebook likes)
Elijah Liu (848 followers, 22 following, 9 tweets/171 Facebook likes)
Curtis Finch Jr. (819 followers, 48 following, 34 tweets/157 Facebook likes)
Tenna Torres (555 followers, 8 following, 56 tweets/200 Facebook likes)
Vincent Powell (501 followers, 35 following, 4 tweets/196 Facebook likes)

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